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Welcome to Griffin Grove Gaming!

Our studio is a hive of activity with the creation of plaster kits, painting kits and miniatures, and designing new painting guides.

We have a full range of Hirst Arts moulds available. Noting that the ToDoList includes putting these all into the shopping cart. If you want anything and it is not listed please drop us an email.

We are working on the Griffin Grove Gaming Painting Guides and hope to have them available soon.

We have a lot of miniatures not yet listed in the shopping cart from Hasslefree, Black Scorpion & Pegaso, so please send an email if you would like to know the range available.

There are licensing aspects to the sale of Hirst Arts unpainted casts. Please refer to the Hirst Arts website for further details.

Thanks for your support.

- Patricia P.

To Do

The Aeternitas RPG

Aeternitas is based on the mechanics found in the Blade of the Iron Throne RPG from Iron Throne Publishing. Aeternitas differs from Blade in that it is set in the real world (the city of Lyon in France, 1350), it has a tactical 3d combat environment rather than an abstract combat environment, and while there is no magic there are strong supernatural themes. At this stage this project is on hold.

New Plaster Textures

For a long time now we've been looking at augmenting the range of textures available for our plaster products. As a Hirst Arts licensee we are able to sell their casts, which gives us access to their Egyptian, Fieldstone, Gothic, Roman, and Sci-Fi textures. We have a number of textures that we want to bring to market -- Alien Organic, Arabic, Brick, Japanese, and so on. We now have a number of Digital Sculptors working in Zbrush to build the models from our concept art. From there, 3d print to create the masters. Then the final step is to pour the moulds.

Isometric Maps

We are in the midst of creating a symbol set for Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3) that is based upon the plaster textures that we use in our tabletop terrain. To date nearly 400 photographs have been converted into colour illustrations, with another hundred or so waiting to be drawn. When this first wave of photographs have been converted we will release the product as a subscription service.

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