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    3D Printing

    3D Systems Projet 1500
    Producing 100 micron layers for high-quality protyping.

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    BilbyCNC 6040W Router
    A 1500w spindle allows carving in wood and aluminium.

    Laser Cutting/Engraving

    Trotec Speedy 300
    A 120w laser makes light work of thicker materials.

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    Mould Making.

    From design to master and from master to mould we make our moulds in silicone rubber.


    We manufacture plaster casts using USGS Hydrostone TB plaster, which is much harder than Plaster of Paris.


    Each kit contains all the plaster pieces needed to make one specific item.

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A Grand Dungeon Evolves


ADBC 2011 Grand Dungeon Late in 2010 we received an email from Alex over in Adelaide asking whether we would be willing to support his new Dungeon Bowl tournament. Dungeon Bowl is a game well suited to 2.5D and 3D representation - so we jumped on board, filling the major sponsor position. The tournament itself was a success, with Alex and his fellow organizers learning a lot along the way.
When the tournament was over Alex sent a bunch of photos showing our product in action. Most impressive was the Grand Dungeon, the Dungeon Bowl pitch used for the grand final match. It was quite a build!


ADBC 2012 Grand Dungeon Like any arms race the 2012 tournament had to be bigger and better than the previous year. The same was certainly true of the Grand Dungeon. Where 2011 was a 2.5D pitch, 2012 went truly 3D. When it comes to 3D builds height is everything and the 2012 endzone was a beauty. When we saw the photos we were very impressed; once again Alex and his crew had done an outstanding job of ensuring that the Grand Dungeon was a real showcase of our product and their skills and vision.


ADBC 2013 Grand Dungeon This year's Grand Dungeon was simply inspirational. The table on which the Grand Dungeon rests was a custom built display table created by one of the club's member using offcuts of wood and sheet metal, MacGyver-style. It was a rock-solid three-tiered beauty. On it sat the Grand Dungeon in all its glory. More height than 2012 -- much more. A better paint job than 2011 and 2012. An outrageous Dungeon Bowl pitch design. What a showcase of our product and their talents!
Of course there is far more to the Adelaide Dungeon Bowl Competition than the Grand Dungeon. Alex and his colleagues continue to present a great little tournament. Each year there are more particpants, more prizes, and a better run tournament.
It goes without saying that we can't wait for 2014. New website, new venue, expanded range of games, and a Grand Dungeon that will surpass that of all previous years...

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