Griffin Grove Gaming Tour

“Public schools were not only created in the interests of industrialism — they were created in the image of industrialism. In many ways, they reflect the factory culture they were designed to support. This is especially true in high schools, where school systems base education on the principles of the assembly line and the efficient division of labor. Schools divide the curriculum into specialist segments: some teachers install math in the students, and others install history. They arrange the day into standard units of time, marked out by the ringing of bells, much like a factory announcing the beginning of the workday and the end of breaks. Students are educated in batches, according to age, as if the most important thing they have in common is their date of manufacture. They are given standardized tests at set points and compared with each other before being sent out onto the market. I realize this isn’t an exact analogy and that it ignores many of the subtleties of the system, but it is close enough.”
Ken Robinson, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

Our Studio

Our studio is founded on the notion that when you get creative, imaginative people together in the same space their creativity multiplies. This is due to the diversity of skills and experience each person adds to the talent mix. If you want to be creative, surround yourself with creative people and watch yourself come up with ideas you never would have come up with by yourself. Watch the ideas become refined as they are discussed, watch them become a reality as the groups' skills bring them into being.

Our studio is a practical, pragmatic place. It isn't enough to be creative. You also need to be practical. We have the equipment needed to bring these ideas into reality. We have the skills needed to operate the equipment and to teach others to use the equipment. We have the experience to mentor others and provide the guidance needed to sort the good ideas from the kind of ideas that make for a funny story that you tell your kids.

Our Products

We develop our own products. We develop products for other companies, as work-for-hire or in partnership. We cast in plaster and resin.

Our Stock

We import and sell products from:

The products that we sell are the products that we use when we game. Most of these products come from small, family-owned and family-operated businesses like ourselves.

“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”
Ken Robinson